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Financial instability: Financial markets go through periods of irrational exuberance, causing boom and bust cycles. During a long recession, people can lose their jobs, have their houses foreclosed and suffer a decline in their living standards. Monopoly power: Because capitalism is a free market, it is possible for a single firm to become all-powerful and dominate a market.

2. Serve Stakeholders, Enrich Shareholders

When this happens, a company can charge whatever price they want, and consumers have no choice but to pay higher prices. Workforce limitations: In theory, the factors of production should be able to move from an unprofitable use to a profitable business. But this doesn't work for the labor force. A farmer who just lost his job cannot hop on a plane and fly to a big city to take a job as a waiter. Neglect of social benefits : Private companies don't really care to provide social benefits such as health care, public transportation and education.

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None of these areas make a profit. So, the government has to step in to provide these services. Capitalism isn't necessarily the best economic system, but it is better than the alternatives of socialism, fascism and communism.

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Most countries have adopted modified versions of capitalism that require limited participation by governments. The challenge is to make sure that the government doesn't acquire too much power and become its own monopoly. James Woodruff has been a management consultant to more than 1, small businesses. As a senior management consultant and owner, he used his technical expertise to conduct an analysis of a company's operational, financial and business management issues.

James has been writing business and finance related topics for work.

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But people pay more attention to what capitalism does to us and they start to wonder if another world is possible. At the end of "Capitalism: the story of love", Moore issued a statement as follows. In an impressive moment in Moore , The brothers revealed that they not only protested against the war, but also against silent religious groups.

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As a dog often biting people, we can say that we are in a relationship of capitalism and love and hate. This uses evil capitalism as the root of all problems of the present age, uses capitalism as our salvation, and helps an infinitely repeated article that annoying greed is a good capitalism. For more than a century, people have used Karl Marx's idea as opposed to capitalism.

In particular, his analysis of capitalism and its role in ongoing civilized story.

Please note that his analysis is separated from the distortion of his thoughts and the political appearance of corruption of the 20th century. In this article, Karl Marx believes capitalism eventually fails and evolves naturally into a communist society. He insists on this by quoting the evil of capitalism and its impact on proletariat.

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According to Marx, under the capitalist regime, proletariat was exploited by bourgeoisie and forced to live in poverty. Marx believes that the natural conditions created under the capitalist system will force some things to happen in the psychology of proletarian workers.

He cites four mental states of capitalist oppression: alienation from labor products, alienation from production processes, alienation with humans, and mutual alienation. Marx believes that these things will lead to the proletariat's revolution and ultimately a communist society.

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However, while the natural evolution of society is headed toward Communism, Marx insists on a faster transition. Let's review. Persuasive speeches are given with the intention of convincing an audience to have the same point of view as the speaker. There are three types of persuasive speech that are commonly used: policy persuasive speech, value persuasive speech, and factual persuasive speech. All are persuasive speeches, but have different subject matter and content.

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