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I tell him I get it. We say goodbye. I park Stanley in the shade on our back patio and he peers with a beady eye through the holes of his carrier. I wonder what he knows, what he suspects, if anything. Chickens hate different: anything out of the ordinary is a signal of a threat — a coop with freshly changed shavings is a reason to baulk; a different food bowl is subject to wary scrutiny; a fresh dusting of snow on the ground enough to keep the birds cooped up for half a day.

A man carries a chicken in his arms to give to his neighbour as a gift. The image almost seems like a metaphor, or the origin of a euphemism: He brought me a chicken — both a gift and a burden, a cursed offering of sorts. If we suddenly start acknowledging chickens as more than just food, or more than even livestock, would we also agree they are beings worthy of a decent life? But if I look at this image another way, I see it as an opportunity: a chance to consider the chicken ; one chicken — Stanley — as a creature and being worthy of a name and identity.

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But how many Americans have ever looked a chicken straight in the eye, really gazed into that black and amber orb, searching for some kind of signal? For meaning? Chickens have become the most populous bird on Earth, yet we are distant from them. Somewhere under 23 billion chickens live on Earth today. The US has the largest broiler chicken industry in the world.

Americans eat more chicken than anyone else, and eat more chicken than any other kind of meat. In , the US produced 9 billion broiler chickens, processed in just national evisceration plants. These slaughterhouses are out of sight and out of mind for most Americans, save the inhabitants of the towns where they exist. Yet the details are horrific: debeaking; caged birds whose feet grow around the rungs of the cage; genetic engineering that out-proportions bodies so that the bird would not even be able to stand if she were given the room to, which she is not.

Their meat has become so ubiquitous that it creates quite the moral quandary. A burgeoning awareness has led activists to leak what happens inside such facilities to the public through social media, with images and videos ripping virally through the internet — the quickest way to get people riled up about something.

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The new law is set to go into effect in An outgrowth of this burgeoning awareness is the trend of backyard chicken-keeping, in rural, urban and suburban settings in the US. The telltale signs that informed Orlean that she was in the middle of a movement were the dozens of online chicken groups she eventually discovered; the ease with which she found a ready-built chicken coop online, which came with four young hens; and the fact that TreeHugger. More recently, a report from the US Department of Agriculture found that, while less than 1 per cent of households in four major US cities kept backyard chickens, 4 per cent planned to have them in five years.

With the backyard-chicken fad still booming, one question is going to become more prominent: what do we do with our roosters? Perhaps newbie chicken-keepers are shocked and repulsed by the idea of violence, but owning chickens can mean not only slaughtering them but dealing with the rooster, an often-aggressive, if not violent bird.

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Naomi Sykes, an archaeologist at the University of Nottingham and a director of the UK-based project Cultural and Scientific Perceptions of Human-Chicken Interactions, researches the evolution, history and migration of chickens throughout the world. Their migration across the world with humans was for deeper socio-cultural reasons:. Drawing on an assortment of historical and archaeological studies, Sykes draws a vast picture of the spread of the chicken that strongly correlates to cockfighting culture, weaving together studies about ancient literature, pictorial depictions and symbolism.

In the US, cockfighting is now banned in all 50 states, Massachusetts being the first in , and Louisiana being the last in Chickens were selected for violence. Herzog, whose psychology PhD dissertation was on human-chicken interaction, particularly in the realm of Appalachian cockfighting, discovered that rooster fighters look for three traits when breeding their birds for fighting:.

And if Sykes is right — that the bird spread worldwide for fighting, not for food — then we can reasonably draw the conclusion that for thousands of years chickens were selected for particular, violent characteristics. After establishing a compelling correlation between cockfighting and the spread of chickens nearly everywhere across the globe, Sykes then turns her attention to a larger, anthropological question:. To answer this, she examines the potential outcome that the ubiquity of cockfighting had on incidences of violence in Britain in particular.

Indeed, archaeological evidence suggests a decline in war-type injuries inflicted on human bodies, men in particular, but indicates an increase in violence against women. Evidence that reveals an increase in nasal fractures in women from Iron Age to the Roman era indicates an increase in domestic violence, since contemporary data show that nasal fractures correlate with domestic violence.

Sykes argues:. Did roosters exacerbate patriarchy? Create it, even? Did the human obsession with fighting these animals further suppress women? I think of the intimate terrorism that plays out in the chicken yard, of roosters pinning hens, terrorising children. As roosters start crowding our backyards, our urban and suburban neighbourhoods, will they start to change us again? I craved something that would force me to be outside, even if momentarily.

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I craved a ritual chore that required me to bid attention to other creatures. As a professor, I was commuting two hours in a car, three days a week, to a city that could actually employ me. I spent more hours of my week inside my tiny Toyota Yaris than I did walking my dog.

With the work-creep that seems unavoidable as better technology turns us into perpetually available-to-work cogs, I found myself, like so many Americans, yearning for some kind of interaction with the living, breathing world outside my cocoon of emails and grading and commuting. I wanted kinship. I wanted something to unglue me from the computer screen. My husband and I knew that having chickens was going to be more about the experience than any sort of practical way to save money on eggs. In the '70s Dennis Altman was a founding figure of gay liberation. Now more restrained than radical, the Australian author and activist recounts the past and present of sexual politics in his new book, Unrequited Love.

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Veteran drummer from New York's creative music scene, Whit Dickey combines two quartets that pose so many of the key questions about purely improvised music. The third album from the twisted mind of Sean Cronin shows his band, Very Good, moving in strange, oddly compelling directions. Grammy-winning Los Angeles band La Santa Cecilia's new self-titled album covers much musical ground, all of which is tied together by the powerful vocals of lead singer La Marisoul. Sarah Milov's The Cigarette restores politics to its rightful place in the tale of tobacco's rise and fall, illustrating America's continuing battles over corporate influence, individual responsibility, collective choice, and the scope of governmental power.

Enjoy this excerpt from Chapter 5. Louder, faster, angrier, and harder than punk ever sounded, second-wave punk in Britain kept the core instrumental ingredients but used and produced them in ways that boiled off any subtleties or sophistication. Just image the Top of the Pops performance. Hardcore country artist, Pinto Bennett's new music video for "I Like Singin' the Blues in a Honky Tonk Song" provides a snapshot of the country icon in his natural habitat, performing amidst family and friends.

All rights reserved. Popmatters is wholly independently owned and operated. Powered by RebelMouse. Other compilers might provide us with overviews of famous names, but only a fan is going to put this much love into showcasing bands that would otherwise have been nothing but footnotes to the English-speaking world. On Arundhati Roy's 'My Seditious Heart' While her novels evoke romance, longing, forbidden love, and class struggle, Arundhati Roy's nonfiction proves more incendiary, more seditious.

Production agriculture is necessary to provide safe and affordable nutrition and healthy food.

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These farms use technical and safety measures to protect birds and the environment by suppressing waste, loss and erosion. It is important to understand that we need all kinds of farms to help consumers Newcomers to the backyard chicken game need to learn how to feed the birds properly around the house.

Knowing when to eat and how much chicken you feed on is inaccurate science that varies over time, depending on the environment, the type of chicken and the feed you are using. Basically Peck-O-Matic can store food on the stand, which means that birds can eat when needed. Preserving only a certain amount of food means controlling the amount of feed, reducing costs, and preventing rodents and other predators from targeting my chicken with a free meal I will.

There are three chicken plants in this small town of Fredericksburg. No matter where you are in town, you can walk to any of the three chicken farms in 5 minutes. This may be the reason why Fredericksburg emphasizes chicken very much. Fredericksburg's Bell and Evans Airport owned by a chicken factory has a festival where most local people participate every year. Why does a chicken cross the road? Of course, go to the other side! But the reason may be that chickens live in Fair Oaks, California. This town is famous for its pheasant pheasant.

You can even say that this is "a town for birds"! Since the 's, Fair Oaks was home to many different varieties of chickens, and these varieties are free to take a stroll through the streets. This article will introduce readers about the unique charm of Fair Oak. Using comparisons is an excellent way to make complex concepts easier to understand. This is a good way to feel as if the reader is easy to understand the paper, regardless of the theme.

I am a small grocery store in the town of Penablanca in the Philippines, owners of fried chicken stalls and printing presses. When I was still in elementary school, we kept chicken and poultry, and I fed the chickens and eventually divided them as if they were wearing them. Business is part of my student life. When I grew up, my hobby was to sell items and provide business to my classmates and friends.

When I was finished studying, when I was a registered nurse in my career, I continued to specialize in the sale of Ronga-nisa broken pork , Chichalon crunchy pork and milk candy. Eventually I began construction and management of small grocery stores, fried chicken racks and printing presses.

These are some tips on how to maintain and grow your business. According to Eater, is the year of fried chicken. The United States is in the process of "rapid casual fried chicken explosion" and the favorite affection of the Atlantic for southern style fried chicken is due to the reduction of traditional roast beef. At the same time, Koreans, Japanese, and many other worldly changing birds are also looking for new fans in the West.

The inspired gastropods decided to study science and history behind this iconic dish.