Harvard architecture phd thesis

At Harvard, she has held various appointments as teaching and research fellow. Currently, she is working on her doctoral thesis as a research fellow at the Max Planck Institute.

Somayeh Chitchian / Harvard GSD Urban Theory Lab

Somayeh in the Old City of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan. President of Colombia ; Nobel Peace Prize winner Thomas J. Sargent born Thomas Schelling — Richard R. Schrock born Gregg L. Semenza born Oncology ; Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine winner Christopher A. Sims born Ellen Johnson Sirleaf born President of Liberia ; Nobel Peace Prize winner George Smith born Vernon L. Smith born George Davis Snell — Robert M. Solow born Michael Spence born William Howard Stein — Ralph M.

Steinman — Thomas A. Steitz born James B. Sumner — Joseph Hooton Taylor Jr. Donnall Thomas — Thomas H. Weller — Virologist ; Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine winner Kenneth G. Wilson — John H. Harold E. Varmus born David J. Wineland born John Coolidge Adams born Brooks Atkinson — Walter Jackson Bate — William M.

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Beecher born Samuel Flagg Bemis — Daniel J. Boorstin — Historian, Librarian of Congress. Robert Boyd born Van Wyck Brooks — Paul Herman Buck — Robert Campbell born Boston Globe architecture critic.

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Alfred D. Chandler Jr. Edward Channing — Robert Coles born David Brion Davis born Los Angeles Times journalist. Caroline Elkins born Will A. Englund born David Fahrenthold born Boston Globe journalist. James Thomas Flexner — Sydney P. Alix M. Freedman born Boston Globe columnist. Doris Kearns Goodwin born Annette Gordon-Reed born Linda Greenhouse born New York Times journalist. Richard Grozier — Cornelia Grumman born David Halberstam — Marcus Lee Hansen — Daniel Walker Howe born Mark Antony De Wolfe Howe — Henry James — Joseph Kahn born John F.

Kennedy — Edward M. Charles Krauthammer born Washington Post columnist. Nicholas D.

Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning

Kristof born New York Times columnist. Poet, U. Poet Laureate. Oliver La Farge — Oliver Larkin — Edward J. Larson born William L. Laurence — Joseph Lelyveld born Walter Lippmann — Anthony Lukas — Psychiatrist , writer, professor at Harvard University School of Medicine. Archibald MacLeish — John P.

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Prince Abdul Reza Pahlavi — Catherine Oxenberg born Prince William zu Lobkowicz born Member of the high Bohemian nobility ; member of the House of Lobkowicz , one of the oldest Bohemian noble families; his great-grandfather Ferdinand was the 10th Prince zu Lobkowicz when the Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed, leaving the Bohemian nobility stripped of its legal privileges in Prince Radu of Romania born Princess Sonam Dechen Wangchuck of Bhutan born Howard H. Aiken — Computer scientist ; designer of the Harvard Mark I. James Gilbert Baker — Astronomer , optician.

John Bartlett — Minister, founder of Massachusetts General Hospital. Manjul Bhargava born Mathematician, Fields Medal winner. Francine D. Blau born Geologist; one of the top Canadian scientists of the 20th century; namesake of Thomasclarkite. Computer scientist. Evolutionary psychologist. Samuel J. Danishefsky born Neil deGrasse Tyson born Fe Del Mundo — National Scientist of the Philippines ; pediatrician ; recipient of Ramon Magsaysay Award ; devised an incubator made out of bamboo, designed for use in rural communities without electrical power; the first woman admitted as a student at Harvard Medical School.

Biochemist, HHMI investigator. Allen Emerson born Charles Epstein. Geneticist ; injured by Ted Kaczynski a.

Founder of Partners in Health. Professor of plant biology at the University of California, Berkeley. First Saudi Arabian female orthodontist. Robert Galambos — Paul Graham born Ulysses S. Grant IV — Famous in the world of string theory ; Columbia University professor.

Somayeh Chitchian

Victor Guillemin born Stanley Hall — Benjamin Morgan Harrod — Designed the water and sewerage systems in his native New Orleans , Louisiana. Donald Olding Hebb — Heisuke Hironaka born Arthur Allen Hoag — Discovered Hoag's object. Emmett Holt Jr. Ernest Ingersoll — Kenneth E. Iverson — Geologist, founder of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. Philosopher; psychologist ; namesake of William James Hall. Richard M. Karp born Jerome H. Kidder — Royal surgeon and astronomer , Order of Christ conferred by King of Portugal , the decoration authorized by joint resolution of the United States Congress in Computer security expert.

Lawless — Holbrook Mann MacNeille — Rustin McIntosh — Curtis T. McMullen born Co-founder and chairman of Sun Microsystems. Maryam Mirzakhani — Sylvanus G. Morley — Robert Tappan Morris born CS professor at MIT , creator of the first computer worm. Major General Spurgeon Neel — MPH Pioneer of aeromedical evacuation.

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Robert Oppenheimer — Physicist , "father of the atomic bomb ". Founder of O'Reilly Media. Charles Sanders Peirce — Sivathanu Pillai born Ethnobotanist; founder of Amazon Conservation Team. Christian R. Joseph Ransohoff — Physical chemist at The University of Chicago. Professor of biochemistry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Developed theory of bet-hedging in biology; recipient of MacArthur Genius Grant. Oscar Elton Sette — Influential fisheries scientist who pioneered fisheries oceanography and modern fisheries science.

Harold Hill Smith — Richard Stallman born Founder of the Free Software Foundation.