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There is no single man who can be truly credited for the discovery of electricity, but some of the names which would pop up in the list include Benjamin Franklin and his kite experiment, and Nikola Tesla who is often dubbed as the father of electricity because of his understandings of this force behind most of the everyday items which we use today. From home entertainment to the lights outside the road, electricity is behind it. Traveling by ship was okay.

Charles Babbage (Dec. 1791 – Oct. 1871)

But traveling by air has proved to be much better. To get to other foreign destinations faster, the best way today is by plane and we owe it to the Wright brothers who had invented it back in when they had successfully made the first sustained flight. Only the Wright brothers were able to give way to the birth of the modern winged aircraft. Imagine being in a room.

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A dark room. Thankfully, Thomas Edison did not give up even if it had taken him almost a hundred tries before he had perfected his invention of the light bulb back in Joseph Swan made a light bulb in but since it glowed only for just a few hours, Thomas Edison is the one credited for the invention of the light bulb as we know it. The electricity was never invented, it was discovered and than put to use. Thank you for your info.

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Brown Lester R. Eric Drexler. Hans D. It explains the reason behind the daily functioning of complex systems — from the human body to modern transportation. Students and children are able to use this knowledge to understand and learn new concepts, peruse new interests and make well-informed decisions. It also provides tactical and visible proof of many facts we read in books or see on T.

This helps in raising the understanding and helps children to keep hold of the information.

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Science knows no boundaries as it is a universal subject. After years of active and persistent efforts, science claimed to be a part of the school curriculum and got recognized. Science has proved indispensable for the existence of man and has revolutionized human life. The tempo of our lives has also been quickened.

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A new social and political outlook has been given to the man altogether. Hence, the study of science has become a necessity in this age and without learning the modern science a man is like a lame individual with no sense of the modern era. Here is why it is important to learn the wonders of science at the school level:. The study of science and technology proceed as an everlasting urge to obtain knowledge. The more we know of the secrets of nature, the more we understand how much remains unidentified. Now scientists talk about the wonder of nature with an excitement of emotion.

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We are learning as much of the secrets of the molecular cells in a living organism as of the atoms in space. So a modern syllabus of studies must comprise the study of science and technology because the modern man needs a scientific mind in approaching the problems of life. Science is everywhere from an ordinary pen to a printing machine, from a paper airplane to space shuttle. Science is an integral part of our daily life.

Science has made our life easy and comfortable with its innovations. Science has changed every field of life. Impossible things have become possible. Thousands of things we use in our daily life are the gift of science. Here is a look at some of these:. Science has given us various gifts but it can also be used to harm human beings. It has given us rifles as well as bullet-proof jackets.

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  6. It depends on us as to how we use science — for the welfare of humanity or for the destruction of humanity. We must use science for enhancing our lifestyle and spreading smiles and not for giving tears to someone. Stop the violence and spread happiness everywhere. We humans observe our surroundings or incidents and document our inferences, in form of facts and figures. This further leads to some new explorations and logical conclusions, which is termed as science.

    Science is in a regular process of development and exploration, through human intervention.

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    Without wheels a nation will stand still, stalling its growth. Could you imagine going to office or school without using any wheel on anything, in some way or the other, for that matter. Of course not!

    Wheel is also a perfect example of the development of an object, through application of science. The wheels that we use today in our vehicles have been developed in many stages from its primitive form invented almost years ago. Primitive wheels were nothing but a circular section of wood with a hole at the centre. Electricity is obviously another commodity, without which everyday life is unimaginable. The evolution of electricity that we use today has taken thousands of years of scientific research and studies. Ancient Egyptians and physicians of around BCE have documented the experiences with electric fish, in their texts.

    Subsequent, researches were carried out in 16 th , 17 th and 18 th century by many enthusiasts and scientists, before Thomas Alva Edison discovered Direct Current and Nicola Tesla invented Alternating Current in 19 th century. The discovery of electricity from an electric fish to useful DC and AC currents, have been made possible only through persistent scientific research and development. Computers are one of the greatest inventions of science. The computers that we use today have evolved from the Analytic engine developed by Charles Babbage between and From Abacus to Analytic engine to modern day desktop and laptop, computers have progressed hugely in shape, size and capacity and undisputedly have become the most significant scientific wonder.

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    Internet is also one of the most wonderful inventions of science and has also become an inseparable part of our day to day life. It has revolutionized communication and information exchange as never before. Perfect example of how science applied to an idea or a thing, can push it on the path of infinite development. Anesthesia and Vaccines are the two wonders of medical science, which have revolutionized medical operations and disease eradication respectively. They both play a significant role in saving millions of lives.

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    Today, any operation, be it minor or major, could hardly be imagined without anesthesia. It saves the patient from, otherwise unbearable pain and torture. Many medical operations could not have been possible without anesthesia. New anesthetics are being researched and developed regularly by applying scientific principles. Vaccines also save millions of children by providing protection from deadly diseases like tetanus, mumps, diphtheria, measles, whooping cough, polio and others. Science has made our lives easier and safer and will continue to do so for ages to come.

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