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We have what is the perspective of that person.

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So if two people are in love and they think that they can continue this for forever, accepting all the flaws of each other than they should marry each other. If some other person think that I can and I will love the for forever irrespective of knkwing his flaws later with the person who is arranged for me, than arrange marriage is preferable.

According to me love marriage and arrange marriage both are good but it depends on both partners. In love marriage both partners choose each other and arrange marriage it depends on both families their background , educational qualification, financial status etc if both families have consent then marriage happens. Marriage means bondage each other. They know each other and every people have some good and some bad quality.

Marriage means bondage both partners have to adjust each other and little sacrifice and dependency and they have to accept each other. Otherwise they will not be able to stay together. If it is unbearable I e different. Love is gift of god so i am in favour of love marriage because in love marraige both partners known each other and they are spend time easy with enjoy. And thier relationship make strong. I think lovemrg is more successful bec both partner s knowing to each other.

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They knew d good or bad habits after marriage their relationship makes a strong bounding. Yes, of course love marriage is more better than arrange. Im totally satisfied from your thought. U r wrongbecause youngsters may confuse attraction with love. Love is not only thing she need in life.

One should also check the reality like the family background, economical conditions,the environment they grew up in. First of all I would like to say both are right but I support arrange marriage. What a marriage needs? Understanding compromise , transpracy and trust on each other.

If we miss the any point in these we loss our respect. If any person do arrange marriage then family ,relatives and good society respect you. I just stay with arranged marriage because , our parents keeping a lot of hopes on our marriage. As our parents will love so much to us , they will choose a right person for is and if any difficulty comes also our parents can be supporting To us.

Love marriage Vs Arrange Marriage By Sandeep Maheshwari Hindi

And you say about trust there is also trust in love marriage. Why do you think that when a person do love marriage then he commit any type of crime. I think u see love marriage like a nuclear family but there are no any issues , persons having love marriage also live in combine family. Then there is his and her friends are available for moral support. Both type marriage is good. So I want to say that I accept love marriage and arrange marriage because arrange marriage like our society too much in future time and l understand very well in arrange marriage each other with time.

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Both types of marriages are good. They support each other and they have lots of time for understanding each other. And after marriage thay give more time to each other. So both types of marriages are equal. Marriage is not only which happens between the two partners but its a journey of a new relationship between the two families. What also matters is the consciousness regarding the difference between infatuation and real love, love for flesh will fade away and love for the development of both couples not only mentally but also spiritually will lead them to a successful and prosperous life.

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In love marriages, there will be no question on whether love happens or not.

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In Love marriages, the couple knew each other very well and most probably they already understood each other fully. Planned love lives results in happy families. In an arranged. Arranged Marriages - Pros and Cons words - 2 pages desireable time, although much preperation and time must still be done. Lastly, the marriage is started out entirely by love and commitment, which will let you know for sure that you want to marry this person. Overall, I would prefer regular marriage over arranged marriages or picture brides, becuase it would give me more of a freedom of choice.

Freedom of choice was not something that some Japanese immigrants in America had during the early 's, and they would have to handle the outlawing of Japanese marriages with whites, restrictions on Asian immigration, The harsh truths of racism in the American society and handling of arranged marriages all at the same time. Alan E. Myers, J. E, Madathil,J. Thomas, Debie. First, the arranged marriage has changed a lot in modern time. Arranged marriages are more flexible because young people can meet several times in some public venues without family members. Parents and elders have become more lenient.

Arranged Marriages and its Effects in Afghanistan words - 12 pages Imagine seeing a girl no older than eight years old, being forced into marriage to a man twice her age. For many girls around the world being forced into marriage to much older men is an everyday occurrence in their lives. Arranged marriages are deeply imbedded into the cultures of some countries with. Arranged Marriage vs. Free-choice Marriage"Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry" Tom Mullen, , p. It is argued that free-choice marriages based on love or romance, offer more independence and freedom as compared to arranged marriages where the man and woman are chosen by the parents and so there is pressure and is not so suitable and independent.

However, no marriage is. Arranged marriages words - 6 pages. Emotional abuse and physical abuse. How teens are emotionally abused. How teens are physically abused. The relationship between emotional and physical abuse. Adolescents' ignorance. Inexperience vs. Misinterpretation of an action done by the dating partner. Parental ignorance. Parents do not know about their teens' lives. Fear from teens to parents.

Arranged Marriages Vs. Free Choice Marriages

How to avoid the. As stated by, Yunas Samad, a sociology. Arranged Marriages Essay words - 6 pages marriages not only provide cultural preservation but also preservation of one's family name and social status.

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  • Since arranged marriages occur on the basis that both parties are of the same social and economic status, there is a better chance of maintaining a stable social life. Mathur states that "Living with the extended family -- daughters traditionally live with their in-laws including brothers-in-law and their wives and children -- means a free.

    Not only has this form of marriage stood the test of time, even today in large parts of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, a significant proportion of all marriages are arranged. Consequently, social scientists of all stripes have sought to study the intricacies of arranged marriages. In fact, to commemorate as the international year of the family. Recent research has shown that arranged marriages may have originated during the Vedic period of Indian history Chettri 1. Although many arranged marriages generally rely on the consent of the bride and groom, in some cases, one or both of them is forced to marry without a choice and in others, they are too.